November 18th Seminar Subjects:

  1. Highlight and Explain New Technologies for Safe and Efficient Buildings, and
  2. Why Work With the EIC and IAQ Technologies.

When:  Thursday November 18th, 2021 at 2 pm ET,

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Webinar Based FAQ's

A1. Post installation validation of pathogens in air can be done using Andersen Impactors,
which quantify the load of bacteria and fungi in the air.

An Andersen cascade impactor is used
for the collection of airborne aerosols containing bacteria or fungi.
Surface samples can be collected and measured following surface methods for indirect surface
microscopic analysis for surface debris and other evidence of incomplete cleaning in
accordance to ASTM D7910:14- Standard Practice for Collection of Fungal Material from
Surfaces by Tape Lift. Another surface methodology is the JF2000. This methodology was
developed by a forensic laboratory and unique and innovative approach to particulate sampling
and analysis. The JF2000 is similar to a microscopic lift test.
For an alternative comparison, surface testing can also be performed using dosimeters that
provide the dosage to the surface in mJ. These cards and the information collected can be used
to assess time, distance, and intensity appropriate for disinfection [i.e., Sars-Cov (25mJ) MRSA
(50mJ) and C-DIFF (100mJ), etc.].
For the measurement of Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs), appropriate methodologies
include cannisters for the collection of air, various forms of media that absorb air, or the use of a
Photoionization detector (PID). Samples collected by canister or media are analyzed by a
laboratory using methods appropriate for the target VOC compound.

The annual power consumption for the Olympia Wall Mount “Plug-In” UVC LED Air Disinfection Unit featured in the November 18th (2021) Seminar is 70W or 6,132 kWh/yr for the Unit that is 24” X 8” X 4” (L X H X D) [based on 24-7, 365 days per year operation]. The Signify UV-C Louvered Wall Unit with 1 Lamp operates on 20W (UWL120-UNV-1/1-EB). The dimensions for this unit are 22.125” X 6.125” X 7.8125”

YES, the ACC can be controlled using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration collected by a BMS.

The Olympia is 47dBA and the Sterilumen is 41dBA