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The Company Is Offering Germicidal UVC Light For Indoor Air Quality.

Germicidal UVC Light Disinfection Is New To Many People.
We Are Actively Updating This FAQ Page As Questions Arise.

Q: What information does IAQ Technologies need to develop a proposal to integrate disinfectant Germicidal UVC Lighting devices into the HVAC system for ducts and/or coils?

A: Please see the downloadable Data Sheet on this page Technologies page. Click on the large “GET STARTED” button and fill in as much information as possible.

Q: Are any of the Germicidal UVC Lights in stock?

A: Given the overwhelming demand during COVID-19 the stock is limited. Certain solutions such as the Coil and Pan devices are built to match the size of the existing equipment, so they are not typically ever in stock. However, many of the solutions are based on standard size linear module components.

Q:What is the average production time?

A: The production time is typically about three (3) weeks, subject to volume of demand and the size of the order.

Q: Can buyers use local contractors, or do they have to use one approved within the Purge Virus installer network?

A: Purge Virus can provide installation services using our subcontractor network if required     . We would love to see an “army” of US Veterans provide the installation of the American Made technology, and we will gladly provide training programs. The skill requirements are the same as installing or repairing/replacing HVAC sheet metal duct work and electrical wiring.

Q: How long is the average installation time for the Germicidal UVC Light?

A: The installation time is variable to the device type. As an example, the Wall Mounted devices typically only take about 30 minutes to hang. The proximity to available electricity in the wall dictates any additional time needed for the installation. The in Duct and Coil & Pan installation time is entirely variable subject to the accessibility of the air handling units and ducts. Depending on the number of devices and the size of the facility a team of two installers could dedicate the better part of a day for small size facilities with about eight (8) devices with one device per hour.

Q: What voltage levels work with the Germicidal UVC Lights?

A: The UVC devices are powered by these options: 120, 208, 230, or 277 VACs. The devices come standard at 120VAC.

Q: Since we would typically dial back the air circulation and temperate setpoints, would that change the number of lamps that need to be on at night?

A: If the occupants are not using the facility at night or on weekends there is no requirement to run the UVC and use the electricity to power the UVC.

Q: What does Purge Virus recommend for lobbies and other areas without forced air?

A: Without central forced air HVAC, the In Duct and Coil devices are      not an option. However, the In Room Wall Mounted systems will work well for disinfection because they are set at 7′ or higher on the wall and use the “upper air” for disinfection. The natural convection of air coupled with human motion and doors opening and closing in areas such as lobbies moves the air through the space so that it passes by the device.

Q: For specialty areas such as office building lobbies with      small, water-cooled HVAC units, what does Purge Virus recommend?

A: The in Wall Mounted devices are most likely the most appropriate solution. If the lobby is larger than 300 square feet, more than one device is recommended.

Q: Since many offices or multi-family building have stone or glass walls integrated into their lobby design, how are the Germicidal UVC Lights mounted on the walls?

A: If forced air with ducts is part of the existing HVAC system then we recommend the In Duct devices. If not, then the Wall Mounted devices can be placed on a wall that is not either stone or glass if there is some area within the design. The devices can mount with brackets on either stone more easily than glass, but the larger challenge is running the power to the devices. The minimum mounting distance from the finished floor is 7’. If the installer can run the power to the ceiling directly above the fixture, the wires can be brought down and covered to meet code and aesthetic needs. Alternatively, “plug-in” floor devices are available for consideration. The floor devices use fans to draw the air into the device and the Pros and Cons of Direct Dosage vs Fan Based Systems are on this Ultraviolet Page within the Technologies section of this website.

Q: Can the Germicidal UVC Light be installed on smaller      2-to-15-ton package units as well as a building wide central AC system Coils?

A: The light devices for disinfection technology are not conducive to package units, because of the smaller size coils in the package units. The linear module luminaires come in five different standard widths 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60.” The design of the package units does not provide space to place the units, However, the In Duct devices work well for most applications.

Q: What type of maintenance is required for the Germicidal UVC Lights?

A:Top performing UVC lamps retain, at minimum, 80% of initial output after 17,000 hours of use and produce no ozone. Electrodes are designed to maximize plasma convection and stability for superior lamp performance. For lamp replacement, each of the devices is slightly different. As an example, the Wall Mounted devices are designed for easy access lamp changes by simply unscrewing two large thumb screws on the sides and dropping the hinged louver down for easy lamp access. The lamps are rated for two-year continuous operational life with approximately 20% drop in UVC output at end of lamp life.

Q: What is the clean-up protocol if Germicidal UVC Lights are broken either during installation or future replacement?

A: Broken lamp clean up varies from state to state in the US, and it is the same as a standard fluorescent lamp.

Q: Do you have examples of performance testing on the Germicidal UVC Lights that Purge Virus recommends for killing pathogens?

A: To review comprehensive research and testing, please Contact Us

Q: If we want to test the UV light, what type of meter do you recommend to measure the nanometers of the Germicidal UVC Light?

A: Radiometers measure nanometers. You can use ones that mount in the Air Handling Unit (AHU) and they are in the $850.00 cost range. See UVT-RAD. Installers can use portables ones to use for commissioning and take to different locations. There are multiple variations that range from $1,400 to $2,500. See ILT-800

Q: How much ozone do the UVC lights produce?

A: There are some UV and UVC lighting devices that produce ozone. The UVC lamps referenced online here for the In Duct, Coil and Pan, and the In Room Wall Mount solutions are constructed from hard glass tubing for superior UVC transmittance. The lamps are “green”, containing ≤8mg of mercury (Hg).  The lamps are specified to retain, at minimum, 80% of initial output after 17,000 hours of use and produce no ozone. Electrodes are designed to maximize plasma convection and stability for superior lamp performance.

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