The disinfection technology products provided by IAQ Technologies, either for sale or in conjunction with third party installation, are intended to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and help reduce the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. The technologies that include ultraviolet light and bipolar ionization may help reduce airborne particulates, and odors as well as pathogens, and they may also help reduce energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

IAQ Technologies works with its manufacturing supply partners to align the most appropriate technology relative to product specifications and customer HVAC systems. The manufacturers typically use multiple data points to formulate performance validation statements. The technologies are used in a wide range of applications across diverse environmental conditions. Given that HVAC systems and installed locations vary, customers should evaluate their application and environmental conditions when making an assessment regarding the technology’s potential benefits.

Use of IAQ Technologies are not intended to replace reasonable precautions to prevent the transmission of pathogens. Customers should comply with all applicable public health laws and guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments and health authorities as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The precautions include but are not limited to wearing face coverings, social distancing, and hand hygiene.