Coil & Pan disinfection is effective, but it does requires building the device to match the size of your existing equipment.

As an alternate or in addition to the Coil and Pan treatment, consider In-Duct or In-Room disinfection. The solutions are not mutually exclusive, and the Coil & Pan solution can always come as a Phase 2 for your facility.

COIL & PAN DISINFECTION with Germicidal UV Light

The coil is the heat exchange (heating) or (cooling) coil of the HVAC system, the heating and cooling of the coil creates condensation, which collects in the drain or drip pan. The coil and drain pan treatment works by directly irradiating the surfaces of the coil and drain pan with UVC light. Due to blow off that can occur from dirty coils, it is incredibly important to use a moisture proof fixture in the retrofit. These ready to install framed structures can be easily mounted on coils, to provide the desired air stream and on-coil disinfection to protect personnel from unwanted bacteria, mold, viruses or fungi travelling in the air stream. These devices can be mounted easily to plenum walls, or to frame assemblies that span supply ducts and/or cooling coils. Five different standard widths include 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60.” Frames can be mounted side by side or stacked vertically to cover the entire plenum or coil.